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DESIGN SHOWER, Italian Heritage

When you are approaching the shower design world there is one main variable to consider: What is your main goal when choosing a shower? Let us go trough the differences and let's start exploring the Eternity world.

An interesting design it's our circular ring shower, direct expression of futuristic and elegant design. Elegant but minimal, this shower promises a multi-sensorial experience thanks to the strategic position of the jets along the ring and an its engaging lighting. Besides, this shower is known for its versatility as it is both perfect for interior and exterior spaces, furnishing attractively terraces, gardens, pool areas, hotels or spa: let us introduce you to the Dayira!

A second highly appreciated typology is the Egg shower. This one looks like a real spaceship where lock yourself to live a unique experience. With its extremely modern and contemporary design, the Egg shower is one of the most sought types in the market.

The drip-proof shower head design is simply wonderful, signed by Swarovski. Continuing our jouney, it is time to focus on multiple design elements, it's time to admire the Ellos shower The structure of this shower is made up of two arches that cross over to the top creating a shower profile that could be called 'lunar'.

The shower is improved with a presence sensor that activates the lighting of lights, accessories for chromotherapy, a flat shower head with two jets that offer you both waterfall and rain effect. If you look for a distinctive, future-oriented design, this kind of shower may be the right choice for you..

Let us take a break to focus on the: Match Point. This minimal shower is inspired by the Colombo Lamp, which somehow inspired all the '60s lamps' design. The base and the head of the shower have an oval shape, wider on the base and narrower on the top; the structure, in a kind of flexible body, joins the two parts giving it a very austere and extremely refined look. The mahogany floor guarantees maximum safety during the shower.Finally, here you have Hidra. Pay close attention to its sinuous and seductive outline.
These smooth lines and shapes were inspired by the beauty of nature. Hidra is made from linear polyethylene with a comfortable okoume internal platform - a material that belongs to the mahogany family.
The top portion is embellished with LED lighting; a perfect marriage between natural beauty and comfort, with modern efficient technology. Hidra is the premier choice if you are looking to furnish a space with an item that demands attention in a gentle tasteful way.


OUR DESIGN SHOWERS IDEA and our custom designed shower

When we consider shower boxes, choices are countless: if you are looking for an angle shower box and maybe there's not a lot of available space, you could choose a box with glass body, essential and with limited visual impact.

There is just one problem with shower boxes: they are soulless.
If you are looking for an innovative shower instead, one that shapes the space of your large outdoor area, then you are in the right place.

If youdesire a real luxury design shower, then you can consider our spacious and ultra-equipped showers horizontally extended. We focus our attention on all precious details, considering wonderful shower tile designs as a must.

Thanks to our focus and dedication, our shower trays are highly customizable, you just have to select the idea of the shower best suits your needs and the available space you have: there are all kind of options for all your premium requirements. On top of this, our showers tray are without steps as the most functional shower tray is the flat floor. Today there are different innovating materials that range from resin to mineral mixtures.
Forget the old plastic curtain (and, let's face it... bad to see!) and welcome a good-looking, modern, elegant and stylish design shower!

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Matchpoint shower

It's both start and end of a story, an interruption of a speech, a conclusion of a path. The dot works as a gap indicator, a way of beginning from scratch a fresh story, giving the chance to write a new "future". It works also as a discontinuous sincerity, a research of essentiality. A steel arch joins the two halfs of a dot revealing what the sphere was hiding in its inside, just because there is nothing to conceal and nothing to destroy in the infinity flow of existence. There's nothing else to say but.......

Tab shower

“It was born from the desire of impressing and creating an endless movement; it has a stretched, tapered form, that wraps around itself like a paper TAB ready to be wrest.
Its shape makes difficult to find an optimal viewpoint, and consequently it creates a dynamic effect that changes frequently and it encourages the observer to search a better viewpoint.“


“ A shell to protect and find yourself. An " alien" object inside of a planned environment, which you can look
at in its own individuality.

A split in the Egg allows the entrance, the possibility to go back to the roots, where everything is completely pure and white.
You can communicate with the outside, protect yourself from adversities, reactivating lost feelings.

A primordial object that reveals antique truth and open up new horizons in its own simplicity...”

Egg shawer

“Two arches with different trajectories but same origin base, encounter each other accidentally and by apparently radomness creating an idea or just an emotion.
“Ellos” gathers the experience of the past that faces the future in an instant, inspired by the colours of the nature in their own armony and contrast. These two arches are "ellos", two lifes among the rest.”

Ellos shower

“Hydra is an outdoor shower system that comes from the need of donating to a unic body, in the most comfortable way, one of the primary and most pleasant needs that men and women can enjoy.
The silhouette shows a sinuous profile that recalls the harmony of nature. The sea world and its creatures inspired the architect designing and naming this unic shower.“

Hydra shower