method luxury showers


Functional, comfortable and wonderful. The luxury showers are a sophisticated addition to the Eternity brand, able to embellish all outdoor areas dedicated to relax and wellness.
The terrace of a luxury hotel, where you can relax during a sunny afternoon. The park of a prestigious wellness center or spa, where you can regenerate body and mind. The surrounding garden of a swimming pool, where you can relax after an invigorating and healthy swim. The backyard of a villa, where you can escape and relax after a hard working day. Every single location among these is the perfect place to host our luxury shower, the last and essential piece of a puzzle that seeks and promotes self-care.
Eternityshowers are not just a tool for personal hygiene, but also a space where time stops, an experience of wellness, where psychophysical energies are recovered. They are unique and unrepeatable; they decorate outdoor areas with their smooth and modern shapes providing exceptional class and elegance.

Choosing one of our luxury showers means to be caring towards people’s wellness, their life quality, and the importance that body care translates to the power of mind. Our design was inspired by the “Dolce Vita”, a historical period characterized by a seductive and overwhelming vitality, a deep love for beauty and everything that comes with its pleasures. The Dolce Vita is magic for Italian history, made eternal by Federico Fellini’s movie, in which the beautiful Anita Ekberg became a symbol with her liberating and seductive “shower” in the Trevi Fountain.

Luxury showers,
a technologic soul in a sophisticated body

Our luxury showers are designed for who cannot be content easily, who is always looking for the best, the highest quality, the sophistication, the avant-garde of taste, the elegance and technique.

For this reason, we have decided to inaugurate a “new course” for outdoor shower design, exploring a yet unknown pathway, combining creativity with innovation, the most sophisticated aesthetic with the most advanced technology, beauty with efficiency.

We like to explore new materials, to experiment, to take risks.

Therefore, we decided to raise the prestige of polyethylene, using it for the production of sculptural design structures and combining it with other materials such as steel, brass and corian.


Exclusive and unique pieces

Every luxury shower signed Eternity is a unique and unrepeatable piece, since we give our clients the chance to customize it, by revising the initial project with aesthetic or functional edits based on their needs. Our production is different and limitless compared to the standard one; in fact, our industrial production is customizable, making research of exclusiveness its mantra.

Egg Luxury Shower

Design by Luca Sacchetti

Ellos Luxury Shower

Design by Luca Sacchetti e Michela Ferrari

Tab Luxury Shower

Design by Leonardo Filippi

Matchpoint showers

Design by Luca Sacchetti e Michela Ferrari

Hydra Luxury Shower

Design by Sabino Ferrante