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Practical, elegant and eclectic - the Eternity Modern Showers flaunt a sleek and gentle profile, giving a unique style to any area they grace.

Thanks to a refined and minimal design, Eternity Showers - provides youwith the perfect space to promote well-being, both body, and mind.

Eternity showers are perfect to embellish luxury hotel terraces; spa or wellness centre indoor and outdoor areas; swimming pools or sport facilities surrounded by nature; private gardens around houses; or stately villas. Your modern Eternity Shower is a refuge for relaxation and introspection, for dedicating some precious time to ourselves in our daily lives..

Eternity Showers - luxurious and refined - are more than a place for personal hygiene. They provide a unique sensory experience: the water massage leaves aside life’s stressors and , drowns out the noise and distractions of the outside world. The Eternity Modern Shower is a sanctuary housed within a shell designed with an undeniable finesse.,.

The Eternity Modern Shower is the missing piece needed for a better quality of life. Let it be the vessel in which you clear your mind, heal your body, lift your spirit and find peace in your soul.
Eternity Modern Showers is an investment for a better life and future.


Eternity Modern Showers - Where Technology Meets Beauty

Eternity Modern Showers transcend fashion and current beauty it is an everlasting icon.

Proudly made and manufactured in Italy, the elegance and strong Italian craftsmanship are eternally embodied in the design of Eternity Showers.

This well-known aesthetic seamlessly blends with technology and functionality to create a modern “new course” for Eternity Showers.

Breaking the mold and becoming pioneers of process, our showers are made with the finest quality materials.

The polyethylene is expertly accented with a complementary mixture of steel, brass, and corian. Eternity Modern distinguishes itself in subtle opulence of precious gold and Swarovski.

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Exclusive and Unique

Eternity promises that each of our luxury showers are unique and unreplicable, representative of our customers and their needs. Each piece is industrial grade but also customizable, from aesthetics to functionality. With your imagination and our innovation, nothing is impossible.

Egg Luxury Shower

Design by Luca Sacchetti

Ellos Luxury Shower

Design by Luca Sacchetti e Michela Ferrari

Tab Luxury Shower

Design by Leonardo Filippi

Machpoint Shower

Design by Luca Sacchetti e Michela Ferrari

Hydra Luxury Shower

Design by Sabino Ferrante